1st FLiP FinEd Summit
5th – 6th October 2017, Vienna


Welcome to the 1st FLiP Financial Education Summit on the occasion of the 5th International Federation of Finance Museums (IFFM) Annual Meeting.

The Erste Financial Life Park and ERSTE Foundation were co-hosts of the Summit, which took place at the Erste Campus, headquarters of Erste Group Bank AG in Vienna.

A two-day event to learn more about the current status and the future of Financial Education, foster a stronger international cooperation and raise awareness of the topic.
The invitees constitute a high level platform of international experts from academia, finance, media and politics. 


Being financially literate does not mean to have a BA in economics. The goal is more focused and relates mainly to the ability of managing our own money in a conscientious way. This implies to be familiar with basic notions such as saving, planning and investment and, more importantly, risk  that  in finance  refers directly to return and diversification concepts. These ideas are at the core of any financial education program.

Giovanna Paladino

Giovanna Paladino,
Co-Chair of IFFM