1. Umbrellas, rucksacks and bags must be left in the cloakroom or in a locker. Scooters and skateboards must also be left in the cloakroom area. Visitors do not have to take off their shoes. The Financial Life Park assumes no liability for any valuables left in the cloakroom.


2. Visitors are asked to hand over to the guide any objects found in the FLiP. Items found in the FLiP will be handed over to the Fundamt (Lost and Found Office).


3. Tablet computers, the “Wallets”, are given out at the start of each tour. Visitors are asked to handle their Wallet with care and must return it without fail at the end of the tour.


4. Eating is not allowed anywhere in the FLiP area. The only exception are workshops or seminars of several hours’ duration in the FLiP Lab.


5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire FLiP area.


6. Any litter or chewing gum must be disposed of in the bins provided for this purpose.


7. Animals are not allowed in the FLiP, except assistance dogs.


8. Mobile telephones should not be used during tours, unless in an emergency.


9. It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons and/or dangerous objects into the FLiP. This prohibition does not apply to police offers and other persons who carry weapons in the exercise of their legitimate professional duties.


10. Visitors under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants are not welcome at the FLiP.


11. Teachers and other accompanying adults are responsible for the control and supervision of children/students throughout the visit. This includes responsibility for appropriate behaviour at all times.


12. Instructions given by the FLiP guides must be followed at all times.


13. Noisy, aggressive or otherwise offensive behaviour towards other visitors or guides will not be tolerated.


14. Observing these Visitor Rules is in your own interest as a visitor. If you break the Visitor Rules or fail to follow the FLiP guides’ instructions, you may be asked to leave the FLiP or may even be permanently banned from the building.