Children, young people and adults have different views of and perspectives on money and financial topics. Three different tours are offered at the FLiP to address individual questions and cater to the needs of different age groups.

Detectives Grades 4 to 8 (10 to 14 years) The detectives search for clues in the world of grown-ups, the economy and society at large. The visitors learn why we have money at all, and they think about how they would spend or save it. Simple examples are used to present and illustrate economic facts.
Explorers Grades 9 to 11 (15 to 17 years) Explorers have limited previous knowledge. At the start of the tour, they assume the role of a 19-year-old and have to cope with financial life challenges. The tour demonstrates that it often takes the right financial decisions to realise our wishes.
Experts Grade 12 (18 years and above) Experts have a certain amount of economic expertise. They are assigned the role of an adult at the start of the tour. Different life situations – single, couple, family with child – correspond to the variety of lifestyles in our society and show that the scope for individual budgeting varies accordingly.






We offer two-hour tours for groups of students aged 10 and above.
Each group is accompanied by one or two FLiP guides, depending on the size of the group.
Maximum group size: 32.

Every Friday afternoon we offer a tour for individual visitors.

Admission and guided tour are free of charge.

Opening hours
Monday – Friday            9.00 – 17.00

If you are interested in a FLiP Tour in English, please send us your request by email.

Public transport
Underground rail: U1 (access from Hauptbahnhof station)
Tram lines: D, O, 18 (Quartier Belvedere)
Bus: 13A (Karl-Popper-Straße), 69A (Hauptbahnhof)
Schnellbahn (regional rail lines): S1, S2, S3, S4 (Quartier Belvedere); S60, S80 (Hauptbahnhof)
Rail: Hauptbahnhof

Wiener Linien

An area to drop off and take on passengers will be designated on Karl-Popper-Straße.
Parking for coaches (subject to charges) is located on Schweizer-Garten-Straße.

Private vehicles
There is an indoor car park for private cars at the Central Rail Station (Hauptbahnhof) and another one at Erste Campus. Access to the car park at Erste Campus is via Karl-Popper-Straße.
Look for signs to the Campus and car park on either side of the nearby Wiedner Gürtel thoroughfare.

At the FLiP we are keen to provide an experience for everyone, free from any barriers. This includes services for people with disabilities.

All areas are accessible by lift and suitable for visitors in wheelchairs.

To provide an optimum experience for all visitors, we offer additional technical assistance such as bigger Wallets, stronger visual contrast and mobile audio induction loops.

To allow us to offer a tour that meets all your needs, we kindly ask you to provide the necessary information in advance when you register online for a tour.

We are also happy to answer any questions by e-mail ( or phone: +43 (0)5 0100 11900





We look forward to welcoming you to the Financial Life Park. To ensure an exciting and enjoyable experience for all our visitors, we ask you to comply with our visitor rules. They are there for your safety and are binding for all visitors.

Eating is not allowed in the FLiP, but that doesn’t mean anybody will go hungry at Erste Campus.

Close to FLiP you will find the George Deli Café, which offers breakfast, business lunch and afternoon snacks. You can also opt for coffee to go, along with sandwiches or sweets from the counter. Drinks and snacks are also available from three vending machines in the Atrium hall. The building opposite houses the Campus Bräu, a modern version of a traditional restaurant offering regional cuisine. And if the weather is sunny, you can find an ideal spot for a picnic in the nearby Schweizergarten park.