Educators The visitor groups are accompanied by educators on their way through the FLiP Experience. The educator leads the group, explaining the stations and their sequence, activates the necessary elements to launch interactive content, explains and manages the games and sums up the outcomes.
Wallet The Wallet is a tablet computer which visitors use to participate in the games at the stations, reading information on the screen, entering input and solving tasks. The Wallet supplies the content and links visitors to others in the group and to the educator.
Stations The FLiP has a modular structure. Each station has its own educational and thematic focus. The tour starts with a personal perspective, broadening the horizon step by step along the trail to end with a global view.
Detectives Grades 4 to 8 (10 to 14 years) The detectives search for clues in the world of grown-ups, the economy and society at large. The visitors learn why we have money at all, and they think about how they would spend or save it. Simple examples are used to present and illustrate economic facts.
Explorers Grades 9 to 11 (15 to 17 years) Explorers have limited previous knowledge. At the start of the tour, they assume the role of a 19-year-old and have to cope with financial life challenges. The tour demonstrates that it often takes the right financial decisions to realise our wishes.
Experts Grade 12 (18 years and above) Experts have a certain amount of economic expertise. They are assigned the role of an adult at the start of the tour. Different life situations – single, couple, family with child – correspond to the variety of lifestyles in our society and show that the scope for individual budgeting varies accordingly.




Reality check



Getting global

Wrap up