A lack of knowledge and skills in financial affairs has negative consequences for the economy, but also for society and culture.
Our aim is to raise interest in finance and the economy among children, young people and adults to promote and strengthen responsible management of personal finances. Money management skills are crucial in the struggle against growing indebtedness among young people.


The FLiP has its own corporate identity.
The FLiP is neither a marketing tool nor a sales promotion gimmick. It is a centre for knowledge transfer dedicated exclusively to education about finance and the economy.


We are frank and open, we hide nothing, we engage with all questions asked, and we try to find answers to them all.
We are not a modish pop-up project, but operate with the strong and stable backing of Erste Group and Erste Bank. We communicate in plain language so that our visitors can understand us, regardless of their age and educational background.



Johannes Brodnig Educator
Nina von Gayl Curator
Hans W. Grohs Educator
Sonja Kappel Educator
Sabine Kreuzer Event Management & Communication
Sylvia Liebeswar Educator
Philip List Director
Helga Lubich Educator
Christof Moro Brand, Web & Social Media
Semra Pamuk Educator
Barbara Strachwitz Content & Cooperation projects


We are proud to be an Erste Group project. Our funding comes from Erste Group, and employees of Erste Group volunteer as educators at the FLiP.

Why is Erste Group doing this?
Because doing something about ignorance in financial matters benefits society, it benefits the economy, and it benefits ourselves. We want to prevent people from taking the wrong financial decisions, and we want to strengthen risk awareness.




All information presented in the Financial Life Park has been scrutinised and approved by an international advisory panel of academics and practitioners. The personal expertise of the panel members guarantees the high quality of the presented content. So you can rest assured that all information is correct and accurate.

Christof Badelt
– Institute for Social Policy, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and president of the fiscal council

Hans Grohs – Expert in social affairs and debt advisory services

Sue Lewis – Chair of the UK Financial Services Consumer Panel, financial education advisor to the OECD

Gyöngyi Lóránth – Department of Finance, University of Vienna

Johanna Mair – Stanford University, Hertie School of Governance

Leonore Riitsalu - Expert in financial well-being and behavioural insights

Engelbert Dockner (✝) – Chair of the board 2014 - 2017 

Youth Advisory Board

Our advisory board ensures that all content is correct. The youth advisory board helps us, in exchange with the scientific advisory board, to develop new content. It is important to us to listen to the youth and their concerns and to implement their suggestions. 

Sophie Mitter - BHS

Katrin Leiner - BHS

Michael Stadlmann - AHS

Amira Djawathanowa - Mittelschule

Amelie Mitrovic - Mittelschule 


Together with a network of project partners and collaborators, we work to continuously develop and improve the FLiP services and content.