Prof. Dr. Carmela Aprea Professor at Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Dr. Zoltán Bakay Researcher for Erste Group Bank AG
Dr. Werner Binnenstein-Bachstein Director Community Arts Lab at Porticus Vienna

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Vera Budway Chief Diversity Officer of Erste Group Bank AG
Elsa Fornero Chair of Economics at the University of Turin and Scientific Coordinator at CeRP
Catarina Frade Professor and Researcher at University of Coimbra

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Univ.Prof. Dr. Bettina Fuhrmann Professor and Director of the Institute for Business Education at Vienna University of Economics and Business
Elisabeth Hedin Principal Administrative Officer of Household Economy of Swedish Consumer Agency

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Dr. rer. pol. Dieter Korczak Sociologist, Entrepreneur, Essayist and Founder of GP Forschungsgruppe
Sue Lewis Chair of Financial Services Consumer Panel and Member of FLiP Advisory Board
Philip List Director of Erste Financial Life Park (FLiP)

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Dr. Annamaria Lusardi Academic director of Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC)
Prof. Lukas Menkhoff Head of the Department of International Economics at DIW Berlin
Valerie Mühlenburg Founder & CEO of the CONNECTION

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Prof. Dr. Ewald Nowotny Governor of Oesterreischische Nationalbank (OeNB)
Giovanna Paladino Co-Chair of IFFM and Director of Museo del Risparmio
Univ.-Prof. Dr.Thomas Retzmann Chair of Economics and Economic Education at University of Duisburg-Essen

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Ken Ross Director of Bank of Canada Museum
Silvia Singer CEO of MIDE, Museo Interactivo de Economía
Peter Surek Head of Social Banking Development of Erste Group Bank AG

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erste bank
Andreas Treichl Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Erste Group Bank AG
Carlos Trias Pintó Member of the European Economic and Social Committee
Thérese Wieselqvist Ekman Head of Financial Education of Swedish FSA

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